The Elemental Mixology Book

Available in either tradtional hard-copy or pdf format, the 600+ page Elemental Mixology book contains thousands of historic, classic and recent drinks – all arranged and prepared according to the principles of traditional, American mixology.

There are also sections on glassware, tools, liquor selection and the history of mixed drinks.

The drink recipes themselves are presented by genre and sub-genre, according to their traditional and elemental natures.

By returning to the tradition of understanding drinks by types, the Elemental Mixology book is the only book available that lets the reader look up drinks even if not knowing their name – or even knowing for sure whether they already exist. Drinks can be browsed by genre, sub-genre, degree of fanciness and by base alcohol. Specific drinks can be looked up alphabetically using the extensive index.

See the Amazon page for the book to read the reviews there.

Elemental Mixology

2017 Print Edition

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Elemental Mixology

2017 Electronic Edition (pdf)

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