EM203: Mixological Arts Course

Twenty-four Hours | $500

This course uses traditional, pre-prohibition understanding of the characteristics of different genres of drinks to eliminate the need for rote memorization. Special attention is paid to techniques, tools, glassware, best settings for each genre of drink, and new drink creation.
Even the most experienced bar-tenders will learn much in this course and their careers are guaranteed to be augmented by it.
Only real, high-quality ingredients and liquors are used in this course.
All materials are included – as well as snacks and bottled water.

Note: it is recommended (but not required) that the Liquor Sommellery Course be taken before this course.
Note: anyone purchasing this course for someone else should to so with a gift certificate. This allows for the recipient to select course dates and helps Elemental Mixology keep accurate rolls and contact information for whom to expect.

The Intensive, traveler-friendly, schedule consists of two sessions per day (10:15am―2:15pm & 3:30am—5:30pm) for four days.
The Mid-days schedule is only offered once per year and consists of six, four-hour sessions on 'work-week' days (10:15am―2:15pm).
The Sundays schedule is only offered once per year and consists of six, four-hour sessions on Sundays (11:30am―3:30pm).
Be sure to check the Elemental Mixology Calendar.

Attendance is limited. Do not delay in securing your attendance.
Elemental Mixology is in Portland, Oregon.
Attendees must be at least 21 years of age
Before purchase, read the Elemental Mixology Course Policy
Upon purchase, an important message will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the purchase.

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