EM203: Mixological Arts Course

Thirty-two Hours ― 8 Four-hour Sessions ― $525

This course uses traditional, pre-prohibition understanding of the characteristics of disparate genres of drinks to eliminates the need for recipe memorization. Special attention is paid to ingredient procurement, selecting and juicing various fruits (and cutting them for garniture), techniques, tools, glassware, best settings for each genre of drink, and new drink creation.
This course is nothing like what is taught at typical bar-tending schools by instructors without verifiable experience using colored water. Only real, high-quality ingredients and liquors are used at Elemental Mixology and the students make real drinks and taste them.
Even the most experienced bar-tenders who have published books on the subject will learn much in this course and will have their careers augmented by it.
The Elemental Mixology book is included.

Note: it is recommended (but not required) that the Liquor Sommellery Course be taken before this course.

In the listings below, the ✈ character indicates intensive, traveler-friendly, scheduling with two sessions per day, ending at 7:30 p.m.
Two-week scheduling for this course consists of sessions beginning at 10:15 a.m. and ending at 2:15 p.m., Monday through Thursday for two weeks.

Course #       Schedule       MCC       First Session       Last Session       Availability
MIX20171022             MCC-2017-5       October 22nd       October 25th       Available
MIX20171110             n/a       November 10th       November 13th       Available
MIX20180128             MCC-2018-1       January 28th       January 31st       Available
MIX20180304             MCC-2018-2       March 4th       March 7st       Available
MIX20180429             MCC-2018-3       April 29th       May 2nd       Available
MIX20180528       Mid-day       MCC-2018-4       May 28th       June 7th       Available
MIX20180916             MCC-2018-5       September 16th       September 19th       Available
MIX20181021             MCC-2018-6       October 21st       October 24th       Available
MIX20181209             MCC-2018-7       December 9th       Decembere 12th       Available