EM202: Custom Ingredients Fabrication Course

Sixteen Hours ― 4 Four-hour Sessions ― $300

Beginning with making old-fashioned punch sherbet and then moving into the principles for making syrups, liqueurs and bitters, this course covers the fabrication of quality ingredients with which to mix.
All items produced in this course may be taken home by the attendees.
This course may not be taken as a first course at Elemental Mixology.

Course Number       Scheduling Name       First Session       Last Session       Availability
FAB20170911       FAB-2017-4       September 11th       September 12th       Available
FAB20171020       FAB-2017-5       October 20th       October 21st       Available
FAB20171106       FAB-2017-5       November 6th       November 7th       Available
FAB20180126       FAB-2018-1       January 26th       January 27th       Available
FAB20180302       FAB-2018-2       March 2nd       March 3rd       Available
FAB20180427       FAB-2018-3       April 27th       April 28th       Available
FAB20180914       FAB-2018-4       September 14th       September 15th       Available
FAB20181019       FAB-2018-5       October 19th       October 20th       Available
FAB20181207       FAB-2018-6       December 7th       December 8th       Available