EM201: Liquor Sommellery Course

Thirty-two Hours ― 8 Four-hour Sessions ― $650

From ingredients through fermentation, distillation and aging methods, this tasting course covers the essential, historic, often esoteric and sometimes secret aspects of liquor production and its flavor.
All types of liquor will be espoused upon and tasted. Special attention is paid throughout on how to select for optimal flavor in each type. Attention is also paid to how to evaluate the tension between any liquor's quality and cost to arrive at its value for use.

Note: taking this course before the Mixological Arts Course is strongly advised.

Sample Tasting Forms

Course #       Schedule       MCC       First Session       Last Session       Availability
SOM20180122             MCC-2018-1       January 22nd       January 25th       Available
SOM20180226             MCC-2018-2       February 26th       March 1st       Available
SOM20180423             MCC-2018-3       April 23rd       April 26th       Available
SOM20180507       2-week       MCC-2018-4       May 7th       May 17th       Available
SOM20180910             MCC-2018-5       September 10th       September 13th       Available
SOM20181015             MCC-2018-6       October 15th       October 18th       Available
SOM20181203             MCC-2018-7       December 3rd       December 6th       Available