Elemental Mixology
Milepost 5 Lofts, Unit 310
900 NE 81st Avenue
Portland, Oregon

(971) 279-7152

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do Elemental Mixology classes and courses take place only in Portland, Oregon?
Answer: Yes. There are no Elemental Mixology classes or courses outside of Portland, Oregon. People often travel to attend intensive (but not abbreviated) travelers' courses.

[No PayPal]
Question: Is it possible to pay without having or using a PayPal account?
Answer: Yes. It is possible to pay without using a PayPal account

[International Status]
Question: Is any specific visa type or international status required to attend Elemental Mixology courses or classes?
Answer: No specific visa or international status is required.

[Online Courses]
Question: Are Elemental Mixology Courses available face-to-face online or by video conferencing?
Answer: At this time, no. There has been interest in this and video conferencing instruction for multiple students at a time is being explored. If you are interested in this, be sure to contact Andrew through the Elemental Mixology contact page.

Question: Is it neccessary to enroll in the Introductory Mixology Class before taking either the Standard or Master course?
Answer: No, the Standard and Master mixology courses require no pre-requisites in instruction or experience. In fact, traditional mixology is often easier to learn for someone free of the notion that they already know anything about it. The Introductory Mixology Class is mostly intended for those who want only one single-session of mixological instruction.

[Last-minute Booking]
Question: The course I want to take starts today. Can I purchase now and join the course in time?
Answer: Yes (if there are still spaces available). As soon as the purchase is complete, an automated e-mail message is sent with the confirmation and all of the relevant information for you leave right away and join the course!.

Question: Does Elemental Mixology provide licensing?
Answer: No. In Oregon, an Alcohol Service Permit from the O.L.C.C. is required for employment dispensing, mixing or serving alcoholic drinks. In many other states, no such license is required.

Question: Does Elemental Mixology provide certification?
Answer: Yes (but read the previous F.A.Q. above). A typical bar-tending 'school' or 'academy' certificate is not worth very much in the industry (see the following F.A.Q. below). In contrast, a certificate for the either the Standard or Masters Mixology Course from Elemental Mixology will mean something to the bar manager or owner who has heard of Elemental Mixology or takes the time to look it up. Many Elemental Mixology alumni have used their intimate knowledge of mixing drinks and American mixological history in the interview process to their great advantage and have been hired - including some that had no previous hospitality industry experience.

[Job-placement Assistance]
Question: Does Elemental Mixology provide job placement assistance or is there any guaranty of getting a job?
Answer: No. There is no job placement assistance through Elemental Mixology, and any guaranty of a job should be taken as evidence of a scam. All are strenuously advised to avoid any 'school' or 'academy' that makes the suggestion of job placement assistance and uses colored water in class instead of liquor.
In contrast, Elemental Mixology uses real liquor and fresh ingredients to teach drink-mixing knowledge far beyond that of most career bar-tenders.
Many bar managers and owners see a bar-tending 'school' or 'academy' certificate as big sign that reads "NO INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE".
If you think that a bartending 'school' or 'academy' might be worth your time and money, ask them the following two questions:

  1. "Which bar is the instructor's current, or most recent, place of regular employment?"
  2. "Which bars are graduates of this program currently employed at that I can personally verify?"
If the answer to either of those questions seems vague or alleges concern over personal information, caveat emptor!