Elemental Mixology Travelers' Courses are intended to be more convenient for those interested in, or already planning on, traveling to Portland, Oregon.
All of the courses listed below are offered with traveler-friendly scheduling. Most of these courses consist of two sessions per day for a number of days.


Master Curriculum $1,300
The master curriculum combines the Liquor Sommellery, Custom Ingredient Fabrication and Mixological Arts courses in a ten day, intensive schedule at a discounted rate.
Those who complete this curriculum receive the Elemental Mixology Master Certificate (subject to either a verbal quiz or a written test).

The Liquor Sommellery Course establishes the fundamental, often arcane, understanding of liquor required to get the most out of the Mixological Arts Course. It is strongly recommended that the courses be taken in order ― even for industry veterans. However, the courses may be taken separately. If time or budget only allows the taking of a single course, it should be the Mixological Arts Course. Those who complete separate courses receive a certificate of completion for each (not subject to any quiz or test).

Elemental Mixology 201: Liquor Sommellery $650 [32 hours]
From ingredients through fermentation, distillation and aging methods, this course covers the essential, historic, often esoteric and sometimes secret aspects of liquor production and flavor.
This is a full tasting course. Special attention is paid throughout on how to select for optimal flavor in each type of liquor ― often while avoiding unnecessary expense.

Elemental Mixology 202: Custom Ingredients Fabrication $300 [16 hours]
Beginning with making old-fashioned punch sherbet and then moving into the principles for making syrups, liqueurs and bitters, this course covers the fabrication of quality ingredients with which to mix.
All items produced in this course may be taken home by the attendees.

Elemental Mixology 203: Mixological Arts $525 [32 hours]
Restoring the traditional, pre-prohibition understanding of the characteristics of disparate genres of drinks, this course eliminates the need for rote memorization. The Elemental Mixology book is included.
This is a fully hands-on course. Special attention is paid to technique, tools, traditional glassware of all types (and their thermodynamic qualities), best setting for each genre of drink, and new drink creation.

Annual Cushion Subscription $1,500
This subscription allows attendance, including unlimited repetition, to all of the above courses for an entire year. Special subscriber classes and events are also included.
An institutional rate is available that allows multiple people from the same establishment or business to to take turns attending any or all courses for a year.

A job board is posted in the Elemental Mixology classroom. Employers seeking Elemental Mixology alumni as applicants for hire should use the contact tab to send a message with details that can be posted to the job board.

Note: Private enthusiasts are always welcome in the courses listed as being for industry professionals and gourmands.
Gift certificates can be purchased from specific course pages.