Courses for Travelers

Elemental Mixology Travelers' Courses are intended to be more convenient for those interested in, or already planning on, traveling to Portland, Oregon.
Most of these courses consist of two sessions per day for a number of days.
All of the courses listed below are offered with traveler-friendly scheduling.
Look for the symbol, which denotes most-convenient scheduling for travelers.

Travel & Accomodation Information

Introductory Mixology Class
$75 | A single, four-hour class for private enthusiasts. [This class is not a pre-requisite for any other course]

Private Group Mixology Class
$90 | A single, four-hour class for groups of friends or for team-building purposes.

Mixological Arts Course
$465 | A thirty-two-hour course (in eight sessions) teaching an understanding of, and competence in making, all types of drinks beyond that which most working bar-tenders ever attain.

Liquor Sommellerie Course
$600 | An essential thirty-two-hour course (in eight sessions). Sommellerie is a French word referring to the act and art of being a sommelier. This course is to liquor what a wine sommellerie course is to wine.

Custom Ingredients Course
$300 | A twelve-hour course (in three sessions) for those wanting to learn to make syrups, liqueurs, bitters and old-fashioned punch sherbet. All items produced in this course may be taken home.

Annual Cushion Subscription
$1,795 | An annual subscription allowing attendance, including unlimited repetition, to all the above courses for an entire year.