Classes & Courses

(Students at station #2 in the Mixological Arts Course seek consensus on the proportions to be used in making the next drink.)

Elemental Mixology offers a range of courses and classes for everyone from the industry veteran to the home mixing enthusiast.
Gift certificates can be purchased from specific class or course pages.
People often ask which course or class is right for them. The home mixer with moderate interest will be rewarded by the Introductory Mixology Class - but, many end up taking the Standard Mixology Course, anyway.
The ideal curriculum for anyone with professional interest in liquor would be to first take the Liquor Sommellerie Course (even for those who have a standard knowledge of liquor) followed by the Mixological Arts Course and finishing with the Custom Ingredients Course.

Mixological Arts Course
$465 | A thirty-two-hour course (in eight sessions) teaching an understanding of, and competence in making, all types of drinks beyond that which most working bar-tenders ever attain.

Introductory Mixology Class
$75 | A single, four-hour class for those wanting to learn the basics of mixing drinks and to assemble a personal repertoire of great drinks.

Private Group Mixology Class
$90 | A single, four-hour class for groups of friends or for team-building purposes.

Liquor Sommellerie Course
$600 | An essential thirty-two-hour course (in eight sessions). Sommellerie is a French word referring to the act and art of being a sommelier. This course is to liquor what a wine sommellerie course is to wine.

Custom Ingredients Course
$300 | A twelve-hour course (in three sessions) for those wanting to learn to make syrups, liqueurs, bitters and old-fashioned punch sherbet. All items produced in this course may be taken home.

Annual Cushion Subscription
$1,795 | An annual subscription allowing attendance, including unlimited repetition, to all the above courses for an entire year.