Through Elemental Mixology, Andrew Willett teaches (and writes about) the mixing of cocktails and all other types of drinks in Portland, Oregon. This is done according to the highest, traditional, American standards for the craft – and with real ingredients. Your instructor has a classical culinary school education and diploma and has worked many roles in the hospitality industry since 1986.

Elemental Mixology is not a regurgitation of any other program. It is built on the centuries of developed tradition that were forgotten between 1910 and 1934. Elemental Mixology understoods the tradition in its own terms first, and then projects it into modernity. What is taught in Elemental Mixology courses could not be learned by working behind any contemporary bar.

Elemental Mixology rewards its students with a lifetime of reliably making (and creating) good drinks – usually without needing to memorize, or refer to, recipes.