Make excellent drinks. Join the alumni (bar-tenders, managers, chefs de cuisine and gourmands) who learned the craft at Elemental Mixology

I have been in the industry for seventeen years. I took this course three years ago as part of continually educating myself. I thought that I had good 'cocktail' knowledge. But, after the first day I realized that I hadn't even scratched the surface. The course was so good that I sponsored three friends and co-workers to take it. Each of them had the same experience I did.

[From a review of Elemental Mixology by an industry veteran]

Through Elemental Mixology, Andrew Willett teaches (and writes about) the mixing of cocktails and all other types of drinks in Portland, Oregon. This is done according to the highest, traditional, American standards for the craft – and with real ingredients. Andrew has a classical culinary school education and diploma and has worked many roles in the hospitality industry since 1986.